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Consultant of The Month!

Meet May’s Consultant of the Month: Premiere Director Angela Patterson! 

“Hello, my name is Angela Patterson, from Charleston, WV. I am a single mother of a five year old daughter named Hannah. I started with Paparazzi in November 2016, and promoted last month to the rank of Premier Director. I also work full time as a clerk at an alternative middle and high school.
Before Paparazzi, I was making about $200 a month working a part time job.  Finding a consistent sitter became a problem, and I needed to stay home in the evening. I started looking at direct sales businesses. I saw Paparazzi several years ago, and I had loved the jewelry. In fact, I still had those pieces in my closet from several years ago. I soon found that John Radochio, who I worked with, and his wife Sheila Radochio, had a Paparazzi business. I contacted John, and talked with Sheila, checked out the website and signed up within a week.
After getting my kit, I started reading and watching all of the trainings on the Fab 5 group. I sent Heidi a friend request and started watching everything she was doing in her VIP group. Then, I created my own VIP group and basically did everything that Heidi did. I have made the joke that if Heidi said I needed to stand on my head for an hour a day to be successful, I would have been doing Facebook live while standing on my head.
Now, just 6 months after getting my starter kit, I have promoted twice and I am hoping to promote again this month. I have a wonderful team of 18 ladies who are also building their businesses day by day.  Two of which have promoted to Director. I sell around 120-150 pieces per week and do more than 10 Facebook parties per month, 1 event, and Facebook LIVE on Monday nights.

Consistency has been the key that changed it all. In a world that is always changing, people like to have something they can count on and they will reward that with their loyalty.
In five years, I want to have achieved Elite status and be selling Paparazzi full time and have a large team beneath me that I can work with to achieve their dreams.  I want to live the dream of spending time with my daughter while enjoying all that life has to offer. I am so thankful to God that He led me to this opportunity and so blessed to have my business, my upline, my team, and my family. This is truly the Best. Decision. Ever!”

Wow! Angela is truly an amazing example of a mother and Paparazzi consultant. She never hesitates to do what it takes to succeed. In her short time as a consultant, she has managed to hit Premiere Director rank which means that her team ordered over 1500 pieces of jewelry in April! All while working full-time and mothering her little girl. 

 Angela is 100% coachable and is going to hit the top ranks in Paparazzi. No doubt!  It’s because of her hard work, perseverance, consistency and her willingness to help others that I am honored to name Angela Patterson as consultant of the month!











Meet April’s Consultant of the Month: Director Ellen Shaffner

“My name is Ellen Shaffner and I have been with Paparazzi for 3.5 years. I stepped back a bit for awhile when my husband’s health was not good. Its still not great, but we are heading in the right direction.

I homeschool our 11 year old daughter. Besides being a mom, a teacher, and a babysitter, Paparazzi is my full time job! I treat it as a job and therefore it pays like a job. I have had a blast the last several years. I have been to Vegas twice with my Paparazzi team mates. I have been able to train under the top consultants in the company. If I could sum up my experience with Paparazzi in one word, it would be BLESSED!

MY customers have become close friends, my team mates have become so much more than team mates, we cry together, laugh together, and share our hearts with each other. Then, the money, the financial blessing of being able to stay at home and raise our daughter, WOW!!!! Paparazzi has provided many things for us, just this past Sunday afternoon it provided a Family Outing to our nearby Sports Park (Go carts, Mini golfing, arcade games, pizza, soda, etc.) Let me tell you that isnt cheap. LOL It was the first time we ever as a family went to do something fun like that and not worry about who could play what game, and no we cant do the go karts today. It was a BLESSING!!!

I am a director with Paparazzi, we are working hard to advance to the next rank of Premier Director this month.
My Why has changed so many times over the years!! It has been everything from providing financially to me needing the fellowship. What keeps me going is the relationships I have made with my amazing customers and team members. I do 90% of my business on Facebook. I have fibromyalgia and I never quite know how my pain is going to be on a day to day basis. So right from the beginning I started working on Facebook, and even when I stepped back to be there for my hubby, my customers were still placing orders, and sending prayers and encouraging words our way.

This year we as a family are donating a headband and/or Hairclip to Penn State Children’s Hospital, with every headband and/or hairclip purchased. Our customers are AMAZING and we are already up to over 20 to donate. We as a family are going to go down around Christmas time and deliver the gifts!

In 5 years I definitely see myself as part of the ELITE of Paparazzi!!”

WOW!! Ellen’s story is so touching, and I think everyone can relate to it. Ellen has been with me since almost the beginning of my Paparazzi journey four years ago. She has been though a lot during these last four years, but she has NEVER lost her positive attitude. I know that she will advance to Premiere Director this month. She is a fantastic Paparazzi consultant and leader, and that is why I am honored to call her my friend and name her as April’s consultant of the month! 

Meet March’s Consultant of the Month!

Premiere Director

    Wendy Charpentier 

  Wendy’s Story:

“Wendy Charpentier
Goodyear, AZ
I have been married to my amazing husband, Pete, for 25 years on March 14, and I have two sons. Joseph is 20 and Joshua is 16. We also have a little brown chihuahua named Brownie.

I have been with Paparazzi since May of 2016, and I am currently ranked as a Premier Director. I do not have any other outside job beyond my Paparazzi business.

Joining Paparazzi was a God thing for me. I wanted to stay home to homeschool my youngest son, but I had to quit my job to do it. I joined because I needed to replace that lost income.

Before I joined, I had never heard of Paparazzi, nor had I ever purchased anything from Paparazzi. I did a google search of direct sales businesses, and Paparazzi came up on the list. I researched it, and was interested in the fact that the jewelry was affordable for the everyday woman. I looked up a consultant, Shantel, in my area and gave her a call. I asked a few questions and decided to purchase from her website to try out the products. (I knew I couldn’t sell what I didn’t love) I received them and was pleasantly surprised at how cute the jewelry looked especially since the product was only $5! I thought to myself, “I think I can sell this cutie pie jewelry!” I joined with the $499 kit and never looked back.

Joining Paparazzi has changed my life by allowing me to stay home with my son, and it has now exceeded my income from my previous job! I make more money now than I have from any other job I have ever held! My husband told me that if I keep up this pace he is going to retire early! Haha! I also get the added bonus of being home with my son, meeting women from across this great nation, and being an encouragement to those that are a part of my team and VIP group.

The way I enjoy selling the most is through live Facebook parties, and it is the only way I am currently selling Paparazzi. I am not opposed to selling other ways, but I have done so well with the live parties, that I have no need to branch out beyond that avenue.

The charity work I have been able to accomplish through my Paparazzi business has been awesome! I have been able to raise money for a drug rehab, help over 70 sex trafficked girls receive a touch of love and kindness, given some sparkle to kids suffering with cancer, and also help a couple of women that were battling cancer. Using the blessings I have received so I can be a blessing to those that are hurting has given me such great joy!

In five years, I see myself as an Elite Team Member! It is my goal to make it to that level! Also, I have made Life of the Party Silver this year, and I am working hard to try and hit gold!

I appreciate all of my up-line ladies that have poured into my life! I feel super blessed to be a part of such a wonderful company! “

          Wendy is such an inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with. She never hesitates to help with team trainings or answer questions. She is a PRO at selling LIVE on Facebook. She currently holds the highest PV (Personal Volume) on our entire team of over 1850 consultants!!

Sweet, cutting edge and inspirational  are words that I use to describe Wendy . She never backs down from a challenge and meets each head on. Her love for other’s and her motivational attitude are just some of the reasons why I am proud to name Wendy as  LEADER OF THE MONTH!!

Wendy, I can’t wait to finally meet you in person at convention in August! Thanks for all you do!

Meet February’s Consultant of the Month!

                        Christine Brehm! 

Meet Christine Brehm. She is Team Fab5 Paparazzi’s consultant of the month for February! Christine is a DIRECTOR and has only been a Paparazzi Independent Consultant for three (3) months! She lives in New York State with her husband Ed, Children: James (9) Joshua (7) Anna (5) Rebekah (4) . Her pets include 7 mo. old German Shepherd named ‘Bob”. Always the personality, Christine notes that his full name is Bob McBarke .    

Christine states that she is a Jack (or Jill) of all trades…master of none! However, she states that  she is a Mom, caretaker for her 86 yr old Grandma, and fill-in whenever anyone in her family needs help with their businesses! (Sister owns a landscaping company, and Dad/Brother own an Auto Repair shop!).

She joined Paparazzi after becoming a customer of Nikki Vanstrom. Nikki had posted pictures of Paparazzi jewelry for sale on Facebook. Because Christine hadn’t worn much jewelry since becoming a mom, she was EXCITED and HOOKED! Nikki mentioned how she was already marketing it and should consider selling….and the rest, as they say….is history!
When asked how Paparazzi has changed her life, Christine  states . ” I  think the better question would be…How has it NOT changed my life?! Seriously….my confidence (and bank acccount) have grown, I have already made some amazing friends, and I finally have something for ME!!!”

Christine has created her own EMPIRE from selling on Facebook. Rising to director in just three short months, Christine has proven that she loves what she does! Moreover, her paycheck reflects her hard work, passion for her business and dedication! Always a help to anyone who needs it, Christine’s personality and love for life shines through has she continues to change so many lives around her. That is why I am proud to name her Team Fab5’s consultant of the month!


Meet January’s Consultant of the Month:

                           BRITTANY BRAND  

In Her Own Words:

“My name is Brittany Brand, and I live in Florida. I’m married with three kids, 2 boys and one baby girl. I’ve been with Paparazzi for 6 months now and I’m a Director. I don’t have any other job, other than being a full time wife and mother. I joined in order to have extra cash for groceries or gas money, but had no idea how much paparazzi could actually change my life. Since joining, I’ve gained a huge customer base, a team that grows every week and will be buying my first car,  one that someone else hasn’t bought for me! I enjoy events most out of all selling options. I’m a people person, so getting around other women and sharing the Beauty that is Paparazzi Accessories is truly amazing! In 5 years, I see myself on stage at convention, at least an Executive Producer, and a new home with an office/ boutique. “

Brittany has only been a Paparazzi Consultant since July , 2015! She is a real go getter who never hesitates to help her fellow Paparazzi consultants. Her team is exploding, and she has been able to help others gain their dreams’ of becoming finically independent. I am so honored to name Brittany as January’s consultant of the month!