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Leader of the Month!

April’s Leader of the Month:

                        Premiere Director

        Christina Corey!

“My name is Christy Corey. I am very blessed to be married to my high school sweetheart and former Marine, Chris, for 12 years, and we have an amazing kind hearted son, Connor.

We live in Jacksonville, NC and serve in our local church teaching Sunday School to 4-6 year olds. Our son and 2 dogs, Baby and Chase, keep us on our toes and keep us young.

I started my journey with Paparazzi almost 1.5 years ago. I fell in love with the amazing jewelry and wanted to take advantage of the friends and family discount. Four months in, my love for the jewelry grew to a passion for the business after I saw how much everyone else loved it. FabFashion5Bucks was born! What was once a 5 dollar habit became a way for me help my family pay off debt, fund family vacations, pay for emergencies, and so much more!

I have a full time job as an Office Manager for a real estate investor and partner with my husband in our business, Repurposed Life 517 where we create furniture, home decor, and custom orders. Through all of this I LOVE working my Paparazzi business because it is so fun, flexible, and easy to do. It’s not a job when you love what you are doing. I love doing home parties, events, and Facebook live parties. I also love doing fundraisers for local organizations like Onslow Women’s Center & True Justice International. Most of all helping people feel beautiful without breaking the budget is awesome!

11 months into this awesome journey I sponsored my first team mate and the flood gates opened. My fire and passion to turn this part-time habit into a full time income exploded. My team has grown from me, myself, and I, to 23 amazing women in 5 months. I don’t see myself as a leader, but as a partner that comes along side each and every Paparazzi sister to help them build their business and reach their dreams. It’s all about relationships and changing lives. The best part of this whole Paparazzi journey is that while I am helping my family gain financial freedom, I have the wonderful honor of helping other do the same!

God has used Paparazzi to not only help me financially, but push me to grow as a person. I have been stretched beyond my comfort zone countless times and my self-confidence has grown so much over the past year. I have gone from a fearful “unqualified” woman to a bold, confident, team building leader! Through Paparazzi I have promoted twice and now lead/partner with 23 women. 23 WOMEN, I am so in awe of this. I am so grateful and thankful for my incredible team and how God has used such an amazing company to teach me who I really am and change my life for the better. ”

Christina is an amazing leader and she leads with such passion and dedication! Whenever I need her help for a training etc, she is always there willing to help. Her love for others shines through as she leads her team with a true servants heart. It is because of the above that I am proud to name Christina Corey as April’s Leader of the month!


March’s Leader of the Month:


                      Nikki Vanstrom! 


Nikki’s Story:

‘My Name is Nikki Vanstrom. I have 3 beautiful and crazy girls- Sophie, Laney and Carly Jane. My husband Doug and our dog Buddy are out numbered by the girls! We live in North Collins, NY. I have been involved with Paparazzi for just over 3.5 years. I got started with Paparazzi because I was looking for an extra $400 a month.

I had recently become a stay at home mom after having our 3rd daughter. Things were tight. Grocery shopping and unexpected expenses were stressful. I decided to give Paparazzi a try, even though I had never done direct sales before. Who doesn’t love jewelry, and $5 Jewelry?!?! It doesn’t get better then that, so I decided to give it a shot. I covered the cost of my kit in my first sale, and haven’t ever looked back.

I love that Paparazzi allows me to work from home with my 3 girls, gives me the flexibility of a stay at home mom, with what has become a higher income then when I was working full time. I never miss a game, a concert, a teacher conference, a birthday lunch at school, or any of those other things I missed while working. But I am still able to contribute to our household budget, and cover extras such as birthday presents, school clothes, traveling, and my favorite paparazzi purchase- we bought a pool for the girls last summer!

I have an amazing Paparazzi team of women and men- Team Pink Carpet Sparklers! We promoted to Producer rank in February. What an accomplishment! I am so thankful, and so proud of my team! I love doing home parties and online parties. I am thankful for the customer base I have been able to build over the last few years. Customers have become friends, as well as team mates.

Paparazzi has allowed me to travel- Vegas, Columbus, I have even earned FREE trips to Cabo San Lucas, and The Dominican Republic because of Paparazzi. I have met some of the most amazing friends because of this business. I have been able to do some work to help local outreaches, as well as international work at orphanages thanks to Paparazzi. I can’t wait to see where Paparazzi takes me in the years to come. And I can’t wait to make memories, money and more with Paparazzi!!’

Nikki is an AMAZING leader and friend. Although Nikki and I live minutes from each other, there is never a competition. In fact, we can hardly keep up with all that our Paparazzi businesses’ offer!

As a leader, Nikki is always on the look-out to help others. She never hesitates. Even if they are not on her team. If I need her to do a team training, she will do it. No questions asked!

Self-motivated would be a mild word to describe Nikki. She is very proactive and can sell like it’s nobody’s business! Her WEEKLY sales have replaced her previous full-time income. In addition, the commissions she earns from her team MONTHLY have surpassed the $1,000/month mark! They will only continue to climb as her team grows!

The love that Nikki has for life, her family and Paparazzi is so inspiring. Hardworking, caring and tenuous are admiral worlds to describe Nikki and that is why I am honored to name her as leader of the month!

February’s Leader of the Month:

Kelsey Robertson! 

Meet Team Fab5 Paparazzi’s consultant of the month Kelsey Sue Robertson. Residing in Illinois,  Kelsey is married to Josh Robertson and together they have three children- 2 girls and a boy.

Kelsey joined Paparazzi just three months ago and last month she rose to the rank of director! A stay at home mom, Kelsey proves daily that she has what it takes to be an effective leader. Her team knows that they can come to her anytime they need guidance, and her business empire continues to grow because of this! In fact, you may have seen Kelsey selling her Paparazzi  jewelry daily on Facebook live! She has not only capitalized on retail sales, but she is training her team to do the same in the process!

And her trainings have paid off! She now has a team of 12 consultants . This number continues to grow daily . She is able to add money to her family’s bank account and they are able to have money for extras.  As her team continues to grow, so does her love of Paparazzi. Kelsey’s enthusiasm for her Paparazzi business motivates not only her, but her entire organization! Is is because of this that I am proud to name Kelsey Sue Robertson Team Fab5’s consultant of the month.

January’s  Leader of the Month:

Julia Brandt 

Meet January’s LEADER of the month, Julia Brandt .  Julia lives in California  with her husband John and their amazing son Cooper. She also has two rescue cats who comfortably reside in her sunny California home.  Two years ago this month Julia  joined Paparazzi  to keep busy while her husband was away, but little did she know her ‘little’ business venture would turn into something so much bigger than she ever imagined!

As a leader, Julia  tries to  step out of her comfort zone and lead by example. She makes herself available to her team of Paparazzi consultants while helping to build their self-esteem. Julia helps her team book and secure events and parties, thus investing in her teams’ success. Her growing team is proof of the above, and they do not hesitate to sing her praises.

Here is what her team has to say about her leadership style:

Claudia Gonzalez – “You’re always there to answer my questions and I’ve learned so much from you and from following you on FB!”

Lupe Velazquez-

“I am proud and you totally deserve being leader of the month! lets see..

In my opinion…To start out, you give lots of tips, you share your information, help with materials and supplies,  and assist in getting events for us. From there, you are always asking if we need help with anything. You are always trying your best to get us to move up and better our own business!
We have meetings with great information. You are always posting great information and ideas in our group page.
But my favorite part, and I love to save the best for last…
YOU give so much of yourself!
YOU are truly amazingly beautiful honest kind hearted real person, you genuinely care!
Thank you for being you!”

Genuine is the best word to describe Julia. She has a genuine interest in all of her consultants’ success  takes the time to get to know  her consultants on a personal level. They have built relationships which makes it easier to communicate & help each other. Her team motivates her just as much as she tries to motivate all of them!

Vendor events are Julia’s  favorite and give her the best opportunity to share Paparazzi’s $5 accessories and business opportunity with so many different people. She notes that many people  have never even heard of Paparazzi and are amazed at the great price and quality! Some are fascinated with the business opportunity…so much so, that she has had people join her team right on the spot!

In five years Julia sees herself  At “That Moment” in Las Vegas,  as an Executive Producer, and Life of the Party – Diamond! She holds true to those goals, and she  plans to continue her role as a fabulous team leader by helping others to empower themselves in their businesses’ and their lives’ thru a business she truly believes in.

Through her business, Julia is also able to give back to her community.During the holiday season, she donates food to her local Community Pantry based on the number of items she sells from Thanksgiving to The end of December.  Julia  also donates coats each year to her local women’s shelter.  In addition, she  often donates raffle items throughout the rest of the year for charity events and non profit organizations. Last year, she donated fantastic $5 jewelry set for a local school that auctioned for $92! AMAZING!!

It’s because of her inspirational attitude, giving heart, work ethic and fantastic leadership abilities that I am proud to name Julia Brandt  as January’s  leader of the month!