Finding the right paparazzi consultant is critical in making your business succeed, and these spotlight consultants are making waves as they learn the ropes of the business. This page highlights new consultants, and spotlights consultants who are building their dreams through Paparazzi.

I was able to replace my full-time teaching job monthly salary in less than 3 months in this business. Now, I am teaching my team how to succeed! I would love to show you how.


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You will have all the necessary materials and documents to help you get started via my Facebook groups. You will also have my individual support if you sign directly under me. However, if it is a local paparazzi consultant you prefer, I have many! Message me for more info.

Celebrating Success. Some of Team Fab 5’s Top Paparazzi Consultants Share Their Stories:

Renay Allee-Calhoun

I have only been with Paparazzi a few weeks and joined to have an extra income. Almost immediately my husband had to have Bypass surgery and was told he couldn’t work at his job anymore. I was nervous but got my Papa box and had to set it aside while he was in the hospital.. I came back, linked with some wonderful people on Fab5 for support and got started.

I was asked almost immediately to do a fundraiser for 2 young men in the Special Olympics which turned out better than I expected and also linked me with people wanting online parties (one booked for next week).

It also gave me the encouragement I needed to ask 2 friends who own salons to add Paparazzi Accessories to their line up of supplies. I am meeting with both of them tomorrow to show them samples and give them paperwork. I KNOW I can help with our finances and take the stress off my husband with Paparazzi!!

Sarah Wagner

I’ve been with Paparazzi for a little less than a year. The first 6-7 months I worked my business here & there. I would probably say I did the bare minimum. In the past few months I have made enough money to pay for a website in one full payment, my convention ticket to Las Vegas & I am making larger payments to get out of debt.

Best part of all is that I am making enough money to stay at home with my 21 month old little girl. I haven’t missed any milestones & I can afford to do this.

Paparazzi has changed my life in more ways than one. I feel more confident about myself which makes me a happier person & that rubs off on others. I am so thankful/blessed that Paparazzi came into my life

Ashley Berlin

My name is Ashley Berlin and I’m from Daytona Beach FL. I’ve been with Paparazzi for just over a month. I took a leap of faith and purchased the $300 starter kit praying I would be able to be successful. Little did I know that in just over a week, I’d almost completely sell out of my 100 pieces before I even had my first party. My husband and I were elated. I placed several more orders and continued to promote and sell.

Fast forward a few week. My husband, the main bread winner in our home, unexpectedly lost his job. Normally, I’d be panicked, but not this time. I have the blessing of Paparazzi!! I know that I can make enough money with Paparazzi to pay bills and to put food on our table while he looks for another job. I had to opportunity to meet founder Trent Kirby at EMP Orlando.

I just knew I had to speak to him and thank him for this opportunity to help my family. He looked at me and said “That is exactly why we started Paparazzi. To help people just like yourself. Share your story Ashley. Share it with everyone. That is the heart of Paparazzi.” So tonight I share this with all of you. We have the tools we need to succeed and a company that truly cares about US! I look forward to my future with Paparazzi. It’s all looking up from here! I love Paparazzi!!!!

Jennifer Fleming Huntley

My name is Jennifer Huntley and I live in Leoma, Tennessee. I’m a stay at home mom and I home school. I have only been with Paparazzi for about a month and a half. Signing up with Paparazzi is the first time in my life I have ever signed up to be a consultant for anything! I knew it was different. I didn’t want to sell something to someone that I couldn’t myself buy without feeling guilty.

As a family of five, we are like most families and are on a budget. So, when I was getting invited to parties for other things, I wouldn’t go because I couldn’t afford it. My husband was skeptical at first but he is now my number one supporter!

I had my launch party and it was such a success and I had to immediately reorder so I could keep up. I was so excited to come home and tell my husband that I seriously just made $100 an hour! Everyone who sees my jewelry always asks me in amazement “Are you serious? That’s just five dollars!?”

I never get tired of saying “Yes!” when they ask. It makes me feel wonderful knowing that every time someone buys from me, they will be guilt free and so will I because I’m not breaking their bank. Knowing that I’m helping my family financially and taking some of that burden off my husband is a blessing. All the while, I still get to be home with my children.

When I hear from someone who wants to know about Paparazzi and what it has to offer, I get giddy! I can’t wait to tell them everything! Knowing that I will have a small hand in helping someone achieve goals they want to accomplish financially is amazing! I think not only being a good consultant is a success story in itself but also being that helping hand to your team. I always tell people,

“You know what’s behind you but you don’t know what’s in front of you. Why not take that chance and see just how bright your future can get from here?” I love Paparazzi and what it has allowed me to do for my family and I look forward to the future with Paparazzi! I’m so grateful this company came into my life.

Courtney Newton

My name is Courtney and I have been with Paparazzi since July of 2013.

I joined impulsively – and haven’t looked back!! I figured if I bought the starter kit and sold it – I made my money back and then some. And if I liked selling it – I would continue!! If I didn’t sell the kit – then I had a lot of jewelry……well here I am. Almost a year later and I made director this past March!!

I would like to continue building my amazing team and empowering woman of all ages with confidence!!! My dream is to just have fun, show Paparazzi confidence to lots of ladies and make some extra money. I have a 2 yo son and he is my reason for everything!!!

If you are looking to join or are on the fence – what’s the worst that can happen – it is what you make of it!!! Work hard – play hard!!

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