Meet May’s Consultant of the Month

Premiere Director Angela Patterson!

“Hello, my name is Angela Patterson, from Charleston, WV. I am a single mother of a five year old daughter named Hannah. I started with Paparazzi in November 2016, and promoted last month to the rank of Premier Director. I also work full time as a clerk at an alternative middle and high school. Before Paparazzi, I was making about $200 a month working a part time job. Finding a consistent sitter became a problem, and I needed to stay home in the evening. I started looking at direct sales businesses.

I saw Paparazzi several years ago, and I had loved the jewelry. In fact, I still had those pieces in my closet from several years ago. I soon found that John Radochio, who I worked with, and his wife Sheila Radochio, had a Paparazzi business. I contacted John, and talked with Sheila, checked out the website and signed up within a week.

After getting my kit, I started reading and watching all of the trainings on the Fab 5 group. I sent Heidi a friend request and started watching everything she was doing in her VIP group. Then, I created my own VIP group and basically did everything that Heidi did. I have made the joke that if Heidi said I needed to stand on my head for an hour a day to be successful, I would have been doing Facebook live while standing on my head.

Now, just 6 months after getting my starter kit, I have promoted twice and I am hoping to promote again this month. I have a wonderful team of 18 ladies who are also building their businesses day by day. Two of which have promoted to Director. I sell around 120-150 pieces per week and do more than 10 Facebook parties per month, 1 event, and Facebook LIVE on Monday nights.

Consistency has been the key that changed it all. In a world that is always changing, people like to have something they can count on and they will reward that with their loyalty. In five years, I want to have achieved Elite status and be selling Paparazzi full time and have a large team beneath me that I can work with to achieve their dreams. I want to live the dream of spending time with my daughter while enjoying all that life has to offer.

I am so thankful to God that He led me to this opportunity and so blessed to have my business, my upline, my team, and my family. This is truly the Best. Decision. Ever!” Wow! Angela is truly an amazing example of a mother and Paparazzi consultant. She never hesitates to do what it takes to succeed. In her short time as a consultant, she has managed to hit Premiere Director rank which means that her team ordered over 1500 pieces of jewelry in April! All while working full-time and mothering her little girl. Angela is 100% coachable and is going to hit the top ranks in Paparazzi.

No doubt! It’s because of her hard work, perseverance, consistency and her willingness to help others that I am honored to name Angela Patterson as consultant of the month!