My Story

My name is Heidi Maybee. I am the mother of SIX daughters! Life with 6 is very fast -paced, but I LOVE it because I am able to be an at home mom.

So how did accomplish this?

During 2012 I was an ESL teacher in a stressful inner-city school.

Tired and stressed did not even describe how I felt everyday. I am happy to report that today, just 6 years s later my life is very different.

Let me start at the beginning…

I was a mom of 4 kids under 10 years old at the when I first looked into Paparazzi during the summer of 2012.

Because I was a full-time working mom and expecting my 5th daughter, life became a blur.

I taught all day, and then came home to my four (at the time) children.

I helped them with homework, cooked them dinner, and ran them to evening activities.

My husband and I were a tag-team, but when I was 36 weeks pregnant when I finally hit a wall.

Happy and loving life Fall 2014

I knew that after the new baby came, things HAD to change. After having my 5th daughter in November of 2012, I began thinking seriously about starting my own Paparazzi Accessories business. I knew that I needed to be home for my family. I could not send this little baby (now 6 years old ) to daycare.

I could not wake my other children before the sun came up and take them to before school childcare at 6:30am. I would not see them again until 5pm. So, on April 6th, 2013, I started my Paparazzi business

From day one, my business took off. I hit the rank of Director in 19 days, and by May 1st, 2013 I had 5 people on my team. I also was due to return to the classroom.

I extended my leave from teaching, and I have not looked back. In June, 2013 just two months after becoming a Paparazzi Independent Consultant, I won an Elite dinner in Las Vegas- reserved only for the top consultants in the company.

In September of that same year, I won a cruise to Haiti and Jamaica !

In 2014, I won a all inclusive trip to the Dominican Republic ! In fact, I was blessed to win the 2nd place prize in a company with over 33,000 consultants- an ALL EXPENSE paid trip for 2 to the Dominican Republic at an upscale, all inclusive resort!

That was one of the best weeks of my life. Alone time with my husband and visiting with consultants renewed my soul after a LONG and COLD winter.

One of our AMAZING leather $5 bracelets

Fast forward 6 years and I have been on more Paparazzi trips than I can count! This year I am going to earn a Paparazzi cruise and I plan to take two of my daughters with me . It will be my oldest daughter’s senior trip gift, and my third daughter’s birthday gift. We will also stay in first class accomadations! I am so excited to be able to do this for them !

One of the TOP awards in the company – Crown 25
August 2014

One of our fantastic training events Empower Me Pink

Consultant and Excutive Director Sarah Wagner and me – Domonican Republic trip 2015

I can not tell you how much my life has changed because of Paparazzi.

I have over 7800 consultants on my team just 6 years after starting my business!

I hit one of the top ranks in the company- JET SETTER!

Last year Paparazzi gifted our entire family of 8 with a 7 day Disney cruise!

I am a 6 figure earner with Paparazzi .

In fact, I earned this title within the first 3 months of this year (2019)! This is in team commissions alone.

Retail selling is completely additional income. To say this is a game changer is an understatement!

I show them EXACTLY how to make this all work-how to rise to the top.

My main focus is helping others succeed. Now, I will be able to send all 6 of my children to college- a dream that seemed far-fetched just a few short months ago.

My family will now be able to travel and see the world.

Again, this dream was not a reality before I joined.

There are a million ways to make money with this business- our set up in a restaurant .

Can you believe that these are only $5? Lead and nickel-free jewelry

Misty Kirby and Me Dominican Republic Trip 2015

This business can be worked in many ways- online, home parties, basket parties, events, and retail to name a few. There are so many ways to make money with Paparazzi.

I would love to show you how. If you join my team, you would be joining one of the fastest growing teams in Paparazzi- Team Fab5 . Join a debt-free company with a FANTASTIC compensation plan, and an affordable product that people LOVE. In closing, I would not be where I am without the founders of this company.

I can not say enough about the founders of Paparazzi- Trent and Misty Kirby and Ryan and Chani Reeve.

They have been incredible helping me through my journey. I know that they truly care about their consultants and have their best interest at heart. If I have a question, I know that I can call on them to answer. Incredible!