Now That You Have Joined Paparazzi

You probably have a TON of questions. This website is a one stop shop for all your business inquires.

You did it! Now the fun begins. Below is a basic outline on how you can achieve Success!


(if you didn’t order a Starter Kit)

Of course you will want to order inventory to start your new business. You will need it to make money- Right? So how do you do this? Log into This is known as ‘Your Back Office’. Find the ‘my orders’ tab. Scroll down to ‘new orders’ .

Now that you are in, you can order all the jewelry you want! If a piece is labeled “Blockbuster”, that means that these are 5 of the same selling pieces. Paparazzi accessories picks these as they are hot sellers. Be sure to purchase a vast array of styles and products to cater to your potential customers. Shipping is a flat $5.95 for orders under $100. If your order is $100 plus, shipping is FREE!!

I would recommend the $2.99 kit to anyone who asks. It is VERY hard to start your business with little inventory. Our kits offer a new consultant almost everything needed to start a successful business. Furthermore, Paparazzi accessories selects the best selling pieces to include in all starter kits.

Step #2 , Display

Now that you are in business, you will need to display your jewelry. You do NOT have to spend a ton of money and time on your displays. The picture below shows a simple peg board sprayed black. You can buy display hooks from Paparazzi accessories when you order. Hobby Lobby or Walmart carry the busts below for around $6. Keep it simple!

Folding screen from Excellent way to display jewelry

Display using milk jugs- $2.99 from the Christmas Tree Store. Note the canvas display with key hooks at the bottom of this picture. This is a beautiful, light-weight method of displaying jewelry.

Canvas display- One of my consultants found a canvas picture at a thrift store for a few dollars. She sprayed it black, added hooks and the result is a GORGEOUS, light-weight display.

Display using tie hangers

One of my favorites-I found a tree similar to this at Goodwill for $7. Every time I display my jewelry on the tree, it is bare by the end of the party.

Beautiful display made from a fire place screen found at a thrift shop. This display was made by one of the consultants on my team. BEAUTIFUL!

8Hippy head band holder! One of my consultants took a paint can, sprayed it black. The result- a BEAUTIFUL display!

9When in doubt, use baskets to display and organize your jewelry. People LOVE the thought of ‘hunting’ for a great piece of jewelry!

Step #3- Plan Your Launch Party-

Now that you know how to order and you have your displays made, you will want to launch your business. Start by writing a list of names of 100 people you know. Personally call and send them an invitation to your open house. Let them know that this is informal and there will not be any presentations to sit through.

Just come, visit, shop, eat and have FUN! Order a lawn sign from Paparazzi and display it on your front lawn. Tell EVERYBODY in your neighborhood about your party. Put signs on their doors! Send reminders on Facebook! Be creative!

The day of your open house, you will want to be sure you have enough change to start. I usually keep about $50 in 1’s, 5’s, $10’s, and $20’s in my cash box at all times.

Be sure to talk your about your business. Your goal is to book 2-3 parties off your open house. I put signs on my table in an 8×10 picture frame- “Book an open house and receive free jewelry”. Also, I never pass up an opportunity to recruit new team members.

I also display a help wanted sign on my table. “Help Wanted- Ask how to become a Paparazzi Accessories consultant today!” chances are you will be so busy that you will not be able to talk much about parties and joining Paparazzi. That is why the signs are a MUST.

Step 4- Make a Facebook Business Page and Update DAILY

Social media is essential in growing your business. The link below gives detailed instructions on how to make a Facebook page:

Here is a link to my Facebook page so you can get an idea of what it should entail :

Your goal is to get people to like your page. To do this, you will need to share your page link anyplace you can. Facebook yard sale sites and your own friends are a great place to start.

Now that you have read through all the steps, you are ready to make a lot of money fast! Now you need to keep your business forward. How do you accomplish this?

When you bought the starter kit, your inventory was selected for you from Paparazzi accessories. Rest assured that Paparazzi selected their BEST selling items for you to kick start your business.

After all, they WANT you to sell all your items so you will make money and order more! After you sell your entire 100 piece starter kit in the first few events like I did 😉 you will want to order more to keep making money.

You should have been emailed a consultant ID and password. You will need to go to and log in.

Go to ‘my orders’ and scroll down to new orders. Here, you can select what you want. Paparazzi accessories picks these as they are hot sellers. Be sure to purchase a vast array of styles and products to cater to your potential customers.

No- you are free to order as much or as little as you want. However, to be considered an active consultant and to be found in the consultant finder, you will want to order at least 25 adult pieces /month. You will NOT lose your consultant ID. In addition, if you sign people under you, you will want to be considered ‘active’ to receive an extra commission check from Paparazzi.

There is an old saying : ‘The more you have, the more you’ll sell”. This is true with Paparazzi as well. Your goal is to build up to 500 pieces in your inventory.

This seems to be the magic number to make $400-$500/ event or party. To do this , you will need to invest back into your business for a few weeks or months. However, you do NOT have to invest every penny you have earned. Here is a simple outline :

Sign up with a $299 Starter Kit. This will get you 120 pieces. Take all the money from selling just 25 pieces . With that money, reinvest in your inventory by purchasing 50 new pieces. This will increase your inventory and your selection! Once you see how fast these pieces sell you will realize that this is not a huge investment!

Or you can sell all 120 pieces and reinvest ALL you made and buy 220 pieces! So you just added 120 pieces to your inventory! You are on your way to having awesome parties and awesome sales with your wide selection! You will eventually get to the point where you just have to reinvest when you run low on certain items.

This is just one way to make money with Paparazzi! Another way is to build a team of consultants. As a Paparazzi Accessories consultant you get 45% off everything, so when you resell any item you make 45% or $2.75 per item you sale!

A lot of parties have sold well over $500 a party which is 100 items at $5 each or 100x $2.25= $225 a party, plus parties are a great way to recruit new consultants as they see how easy it is to sell and how great the Paparazzi Jewelry are its easy to get them to join your team.

Here is a link to our fantastic compensation plan:

The answer is fairly simple! Plan and carry out at least 6 parties or events/month. This plan is so simple that even a person who works  full-time could do it! Paparazzi accessories is unlike another direct sales company where you have to BEG people to have parties for you. Quite the contrary! People will come to YOU and ask for $5 jewelry parties . You just need to get your name out there!

Brand Yourself!

Update you Facebook page daily. Post pictures of your jewelry. Chronicle your parties and events. Here is my Facebook page :

Make Director in 30 Days!

Follow this step ONLY if you want to make extra money!!

If you want to make REALLY good money with Paparazzi accessories, you are going to want to build a team and climb in rank. The first step is to reach Director. You will see a HUGE pay increase in your monthly check, and in some cases, it may even double.

I made director in 19 days from starting Paparazzi Accessories. Does this mean I am special? No. It means I knew how to play the game! Sponsoring is easy once you know how. We have special Facebook groups for this, and if you are on our team, you will already have access to them.

To make Director, you simply have to sponsor /sign 3 people under you. Each has to have at least a 25 piece (50 PV) order.  You will then teach them to do what you are doing. This is simple to do since you have this website, and our Facebook groups. Of course, you will also have me to help you establish new team mates!

You do not have to make Director rank, but if you want to double, triple, and even quadruple what you are currently making from parties, you will want to make Director in 30 days! Below is a chart to show you how much is made (average) at each pay level (not including money made from parties or events!!) :


I want all my consultants make director in 30 days or less! Here are a few strategies to help you accomplish this:

1. Plan 2 launch Open Houses-  Have one on a weekend at home, and one in a bar/ restaurant during the week. This will give people 2 chances to see your jewelry.

2. Book 2 parties from the above open houses– that should be easy- especially at the restaurant open house. In addition, make a list of 100 people you know- teachers, nurses, bus drivers, friends , family etc. and book at least 4 parties.

3. Call 15 nursing homes using the script on our FAB 5 FB group. This is KEY You will book 3-5 parties from each nursing home. Furthermore, Nursing homes are great for meeting new people. I’ve met so many new customers just by setting up in the lobby and greeting family members as they walked in. Nurses and staff are also great potential customers and consultants.

There you have it- it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!!

Give away FREE jewelry- make an 8×10 sign, secure in a picture frame and display next to your cash box. Example: Book a Party Today and Earn FREE Jewelry Today! Who doesn’t LOVE free jewelry? Yes, I give it to them that night/day, but I will take the risk of having them back out. Beside- the odds are they will have their party and I will make hundreds from my one little $5 giveaway!

Don’t let them scare you. Because you are considered a business, you will be responsible for your own taxes. There are 2 levels of tax. It is really VERY simple. 1. Sales tax- Paparazzi Accessories collects the sales tax for you when you order each piece. It is up to you as to if you would like to recoup your costs. I sell my items for $5 plus tax. Some consultants sell for an even $5.50. It is up to you. 2. Income tax- save EVERY receipt you have. You can write off just about everything business related. Save all your invoices. I write down everything in my calendar by the day. For example- if I drive 2 miles to ship a package, I make the millage on my calendar. If I mail a free piece of jewelry, I write that piece as well as the postage and millage off on my taxes. Here is a small list as to what you can write off: I got over $7,000 back from taxes when I first started working from home. For $100 you can hand your receipts to a good tax account and he or she can do the work for you!

What do all these terms mean??? You may be a little confused as to what each abbreviation and ‘Paparazzi speak’ mean . Here is a cheat sheet for you. PV- this means ‘personal volume’ each piece of ADULT jewelry counts as 2 PV. So if you order 100 pieces= 200PV ‘Back office’- this is what we call the area where land after we log in with our consultant ID and password. Nobody has access to this area without an ID or password. Here, you can place orders, and check your volume and downline. Go ahead and experiment! Volume- how much PV you and your team has occurred in a 30 day period Adult pieces- anything not labeled “Starlet Shimmer”- these are our kids items and they DO NOT count toward volume, but are excellent sellers.

Yes- every consultant has a generic website which they can utilize for recruiting or jewelry viewing purposes. For example, my Paparazzi Accessories website is : You would add your consultant number at the end. You can personalize it by logging in and clicking on “profile”. At this time you can NOT direct people to order off your Paparazzi Accessories company website. I have paid a web designer for this site, but you could sell off of Store Envy or Weebly for FREE

This is for members of our team ONLY. Here you will find turn-key documents to help you get your business started. Moreover, you will find a ton of support. Ours is a busy page, so you will have many members to bounce ideas off of. If you haven’t already, please join to receive recruiting ideas, party ideas and more! We all help each other, so come on over!