Someday Maybee Blog

Hi everyone! It’s the redo of my ‘new’ website. I’ve actually had this website for a few years, but I’ve neglected it during the last year. I hope to change that and give this site and blog a fresh new look!

But first… Let me introduce myself. My name is Heidi Maybee of Fab5 Jewelry. I am wife and a mom of 6 daughters. As you read on, you will see that 6 is an important number for me.

I am a 6-figure earning consultant with Paparazzi Accessories. In fact, I am one of the highest earning consultants within this amazing direct sales company. I have been part of Paparazzi for over 6 years (April, 2013). I told you 6 was an important number 😉

My business is run out of my newly built office boutique in our newly remodeled home. Before you get too excited, I will tell you that my husband has our home under constant construction. Nothing is ever finished, but the things he builds are amazing! I consider myself blessed because of this.

My husband has been able to concentrate on his passion: building since he was able to retire last year at the age of 42. Yes, my Paparazzi business retired my husband! He can return to work if he wants to, but the reality is that it’s a choice. My Paparazzi business allows us to live very comfortably, give back and support our family of 8!


As for our children they not only have 1 parent at home, but BOTH of us are able to work at home ! We are able to be there for field trips, sick days and when they leave and return home to school . I consider this to be my ultimate dream come true!

Before Paparazzi I worked as a teacher in an inner city school. As you can imagine this included long commutes and stressful working conditions. If you read my story on the front page of this website, you will obtain the full version .

Fast forward to now, 6 years later, and I am happy to be living my dream and helping other people do the same. I’ve trained thousands of Paparazzi Independent Consultants on how to be successful . They now can pay mortgages, car

payments, pay for vacations and so many of the extras in their lives’. 

This business is more than just $5 jewelry. It’s a passion! I love to help others and what better way to do it !?

As for my house and the current projects around here…someday maybe 😉